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Skin to Bone (Nick Catchdubs Remix) (feat. Cody B. Ware and Ryu)

Linkin Park


I'm on some taxidermy rap shit, talk about some raw game
You're nothing but a trophy mounted on my door frame
I spit that propane, light you with a slow flame
And watch you burn until there's nothin' but a gold chain

Yeah you'll be some crispy critters
You'll wish you with us
You'll wish what we did, you did it
You can't, you kiddin?
I don't have a shoe you fit in
You're as soft as a motherfuckin' newborn kitten

I'm an animal, tearing flesh into bone
Randomly rippin' everything gone
Unless they forget what, then let it be known
I'll bury every competitor, every predator
Anyone ever forget it, you'll regret it forever
Never been nothing short of a legend
you peasants will learn
I'll stay standin' in the front like I'm forgetting my turn
For these matchstick rappers this is meeting adjourned
I ain't even gotta match them, I'm just letting them burn

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