Lila Downs

(The ballad of Digna Ochoa)
To all those women who are fighting for dignity and respect

I am a woman who cries
I am a woman who speaks
I am a woman who gives life
I am a woman who pounds
I am a woman spirit
I am a woman who screams

At night you can hear a cry, it comes from afar
Down south they say, it’s the voice of silence
In this closet there are skeletons hiding
Because a woman, because a woman fought for her rights

From the mountain you can hear the voice of thunder
It is the clear voice, the lightning bolt of truth
In this holy life, where nobody forgives anything
But if a woman — but if a woman — fights for her dignity

I followed your footsteps, little girl
Up to the mountain
And I followed the way to a God
In the company of ghosts

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