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    (feat. Chubby, Juelz Santana)

    Its Chubby Baby - Drop Top Mercedes - Hair Cut Wavy - The Black Patrick Suasey -
    Getting This Money (Oh Yeah) Like It Was The Eighties (Oh Yeah)
    Everything Good (Oh Yeah) Everything Gravy (Oh Yeah)
    You Know I Get Money(Yeah) I Do It Real Big Its Chubby Baby Ma Im The Oh Seven Big
    Guccis On My Feet. I Force Em Like I Post Em When Your Money Reach Mine
    Thats When They Wont Smoke Ya. I Ride First Class. Phantoms With A Showfer.
    Bricks With A Trill Again Waiting On A Gofer (Ya Dig) Soon The Order Finished
    Im Hopping In The Benz Im The Mid West Playa Boneing All Ya Friends
    When I Hit Magic City Make It Rain With The Ends Then I Make It Thunder On My
    Neck Like Lightning. You Prayin On That Hit Play Boy Keep Writing. _ In The Club You
    Know We Aint Fighting

    [Chorus: x2]
    You Get Money (Oh Yeah)
    You Got Dem Honey (Oh Yeah)
    You Roll Around Wit Cha Pockets On Chubby (Oh Yeah)
    You Stay Fly (Oh Yeah)
    You Dat Guy (Oh Yeah)
    You Dat Dude We Can Call For Dem Fives (Oh Yeah)

    [Lil Weeze:]

    Thats Right. Im In The Building Yall - Mr W. Well Alright.
    Young Mulah. Cash Money Mafia. Yah!
    Its Weezy Baby. Strapped Like The Navy. Riding With A Half A Bicik Strap To A Baby
    I Be Getting Money Run A Lap If You Lazy. Grandaddy Purp Got Me Trapped Like Mazes.
    A Bunch Of Diamonds Chains Looking Like A Bunch Of Lazors. Understand Im Sharper
    Than A Fucking Hair Razor. Bag Yellow Bitch On My Sidekick Pager. You Know Its
    Going Down Like Down Goes Frazier (Ya Dig) Yes, And I Be With Mid West Chubby
    But Im From Da Dirty Keep It Dirty Like Im Playing Rugby. Bitch Ride Me Like An Old
    School Huffy. Let Me See You Work Ya Mouth Like A Fucking Guppy. My Leather Softer
    Than A Brand New Pair Of Hush Puppies. My Top Will Leave If I Decide To Hit Da Push
    Button. Its Young Weezy How Could I Ever Quit Stunting Get Mad Ima Get Money.

    [Chorus: x2]
    You Get Money (Oh Yeah)
    You Got Dem Honey (Oh Yeah)
    You Roll Around Wit Cha Pockets On Chubby (Oh Yeah)
    You Stay Fly (Oh Yeah)
    You Dat Guy (Oh Yeah)
    You Dat Dude We Can Call For Dem Fives (Oh Yeah)

    [Juelz Santana:]
    Juelz Baby They See Me And Start Cheering, Rockstar Like Santana Vanhalen
    Burn Em With The Nina Hot Hand Nickname Fever Ya Bitch I Turn Her Like Tina
    Booty In The Air Den I Bump Her Like Speakers Then I Get Right Back To
    Puffing My Reefer.. (I) Yes, Yes, Im Coke Suppling Best Picture On The Mound
    Since Nolan Ryan. (Hah) I Got That Cheap Blow, Heavy Weight I Sale Snow
    By The Ski Slope, Come And Get Some. And The Cars Got Engines Like Speed Boats
    Dont Go Away Like Tickets To A Free Show. You Outside Getting Repoed.
    Im Being Watched Under The Low Like Reeko (Ya Dig)

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