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Wowzers (Feat. Trina)

Lil Wayne

I Am Not a Human Being II

My tongue is a uzi, my dick is a AK
My tongue is a uzi, my dick is a AK
My tongue go BDD, my dick go BAH
My tongue go BDD, my dick go BAH! (Bitch)

[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]
Lay on the bed, open that twat
I French kiss that pussy - like muah
Sit on my face, M-U-A-H
Before I eat that pussy, I say my grace
Girl I'm nastier than him, I don't know why you still with him
Beat that pussy, go to sleep, she got that Tylenol P. M
Fuck that bitch until she tired, til she tired like a rim
Give her head like a brim, it tastes good, M-M-M
Pussy monster in her closet, full of surprises
I give full body massages
I hope that pussy smell like a violet
I hope that pussy warmer than luke and sweet as Godiva
Suck this dick and swallow that nut and call it Penis colada
Lift up that mini-skirt, that's my dinner desert
She fell in love with the martian
I said you too down to Earth
Man, these hoes love Wayne
got a bunch of dimes, that's chump change
This shit is target practice and your bitch is my gun range


[Verse 2: Lil Wayne]
My tongue is a uzi, my dick is a AK
Down here waiting for her to come like payday
Hoping this juice is sweeter than baked cake
She say it's for Tunechi, she lie with a straight face
But I'm trying to eat healthier, so I ate a veggie
Sucked on that pussy, I feel better already
She say "Tunechi go slower" and Tunechi went faster
My tongue is a motor, my dick is a NASCAR
Whipped cream on that pussy, dickhead like a bullet
If her hair real I'mma pull it, hope that ass feel like a cushion
I give her wood when we wouldn't?
I hope that pussy tastes like pudding
And I get that ho the boot, hold up, let me put my foot in
Got a sweet tooth, candy yam pussy
I'mma leave that ass smoking like a Amsterdam tourist man
These hoes love Wayne, got a bunch of dimes
that's chump change
This shit is target practice and your bitch is my gun range


[Verse 3: Trina]
Lay on that bed, open your mouth
This pussy so clean like soap in your mouth
I do my lil' dance, he scoping me out
If that dick like a tree watch me build a treehouse
Ok the baddest bitch in this bitch
got the fattest clique in this bitch
You might drown, you better start doggy paddling in this bitch
I'm Trin, B nigga? Queen nigga
sleep in this pussy tree nigga
I stay on that dick like a fucking balance beam nigga
Hair pull, neck grab, don't fuck with hoes that backstab
Don't fuck with niggas that ain't got shit
if I fucked a nigga then that's my dick
My mouth a jacuzzi, my pussy a safe place
Fuck me until daybreak, then you can go skate, Trina

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