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Love Me Or Hate Me

Lil Wayne

Thank u...

[verse 1:]
I've been through it all, the fills
Tha falls i'm like niagra but
But i got right back up like viagra
I am agricluture, swagger so mean
It might insult ya(ha) i'm like an ultra vulture
I fuck around and catipult ya
Taught ya
Thought yo parents taught ya
You guys is trocha
Imma a goin buenos noches
Flow scorch ya
And i don't even write
No author
So harder
So smarter
All about a dollar like 4 quarters
Oh father will tonight be my last
And if so make sure my kids see my cash
And i know i'm solid like an elbow cast
And my future will be better than my past

You can love me or hate me i swear it won't make me or break me
I'm goin wherever tha money take me until they funeral awake me
And don't wake me cuz i'm sleepin i'm dreamin' i kno that there is
A better way cuz i've seen it lord but just pass the money it's so
Convenient and i need it say i need it

[verse 2:]
C.a.r.t.e.r. i spit movies like v.c.r.
I spit rymes like a tiki bar and if i
Got beef i am tha meat cleaver and i
Are the illest nigga martin luther king
Died for and i ride four hollygrove
1-seven eagle street and i'm higher than
An eagles beak but i beleive in me applistic
Crossreet i am just an off-spring born in tha
Ghetto that's why i can't let go one call will have
My dogs on you like an echo baby i am tha real
Deal no picole (uh) spit sickle cell physco i go
Off like a motha fuckin rifle and i from tha underground
Baby like a pipe hole i will stand tall like white poles
Until the light blows

And u can love me or hate me baby i swear it won't make me
Or brake me and i be goin wherever tha money take me until they
Funeral awake me, and don't wake me cuz i'm sleepin and i'm dreamin
See i'm just hustlin livin what i belive in (dog) and it's a problem when
A homies not eating and i'm greedie i'm greedie

[verse 3:]
Share my blood feed my family my flow would have to
Pleasd insanity so sick i need geys anatomy acid like a
Busto com battery i'm cool like l.a nights i'm tight like ballet
Tights a juelz i swear of tha day i pissed crystal these bitches
Tryna kick it like "jun tile" i gotta watch my head in tha battle i'm just
Tryna stare ahead of my shadow and i'm flown like a boat and a paddle
Ali-gators and raddle snakes but i promise i will take a nigga off like saturday
Got money to validate i'm icy like carrot cake different color of diamonds
Make me look like a salad plate, i'm straight out tha alley way it's tha nigga ya
Daddy hate weezy f baby -crae-

I know they love me they hate me but imma g it won't
Make me or brake me and u can find me wherever the
Money place me (yea) until ya ridin to tha late b and don't wake
Me cuz i'm sleepin and i'm dreamin and me and my lord got an
Agreement so i thank him for my acheivements and i'm weezy
I'm wezzy

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