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I Love You Dwayne (feat. Jacida Carter)

Lil Wayne

Tha Carter V

[Spoken Word: Jacida Carter]
Lil Wayne, mama proud of you
You done came so far
I can't wait for your album to come out
A lot of people ask me
when it's coming out

They can't wait for your album to come out
I'm just proud of you. You's my rock
You've always been my rock
Mama love you, I love you
You take care of me and my son
and your brother we never wanted for nothing
I thank the lord everyday for keeping us on this earth

And in good health
I just pray things go well with you in life
But I thank the lord
because I know you have been through a lot
that I don't even know about
Mama love you
I love you Dwayne, with all my heart
You is my life
I live for you

You make sure mama's tooken care of
"I don't care", if you don't have it
you going to make sure imma get it anyway
even though you don't have it to give
And my son though, Semaj, ain't wanted for nothing
Anything somebody's call you for
You gone make sure he get it
You is a man, you're truly made
Mama love you
I can't wait til your album come out
because everybody asking about it
and I know it's gon' be a beautiful album
Love you Dwayne

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