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    [Mannie Fresh talking]
    Yea, yea, yea
    Grown ups in between, children and babies
    Right about now its yo boy, ya heard, back again
    DJ Mannie
    Fre Fresh Err Fresh
    Fre Fresh Err Fresh
    Fre Fresh Err Fresh
    Fre Fresh Err Fresh

    Go DJ, that's my DJ
    Go DJ, that's my DJ
    Go DJ, that's my DJ
    Go DJ, yea
    Wit Weezy We, step up to the mic dude do watcha do, ya heard

    [Lil Wayne talking]
    Ladies and gentlemen, what you have here is brought to you
    Courtesy of the young man young Carter and the great man Mannie Fresh
    So what I want yall out there to do for me is say this

    Say go DJ, cuz that's my DJ
    Say go DJ, cuz that's my DJ
    Say go DJ, cuz that's my DJ
    Say go DJ, cuz that's my cuz that's my

    [Lil Wayne]
    Murder one on one, the hottest nigga under the sun
    I come from under the tummy, bustin a tommy
    Or come from under your garments, yo chest and your arm hit
    Pow, one to the head now you know he dead
    Now you know I play it, like a pro in the game
    Naw better yet a veteran a hall of fame
    I got that medicine, I'm better than all the names
    Ay its Cash Money Records man a lawless gang
    Put some water on the track, Fresh for all his frame
    Wear a helmet when you bang it man and guard yo brain
    Cuz the flow is spasmatic what they call insane
    That aint even a muthafuckin aim I get dough boy
    And you already know that pimpin
    18 how I'm livin young'n show that Bentley
    Stunna my Pa so you know that's in me
    Gotti my mentor so don't go there wit me

    [Repeat X2]

    [Lil Wayne]
    And I move like the Coupe thru traffic
    Rush hour GT Bent' roof is absent
    Ya bitch present wit the music blastin
    And she keep askin how it shoot if its plastic
    I tell her you see if ya boy run up, she said back and cut the Carter back
    up, oh fa sho
    Ay Big Mike they betta step thangs its already up
    Before they step to a sergeant's son, I got army guns
    You niggas never harmin young, fly wizzy my opponents done, I'm done talking
    And I aint just begun, I been runnin my city like Diddy ya chump
    I fly by ya in a foreign whip, on the throttle wit a model bony bitch
    Paraphony tips, her hair is long and shit, to her thong and shit
    Well here we go so hold on to this, uh lets go

    [Lil Wayne talking]
    Hold on let me hit the blunt
    So go, so go
    This is the, this is the, this is the
    This is the, this is the, this is the
    This is the Carter

    [Hook X1]

    [Lil Wayne]
    Birdman put them niggas in a trash can
    Leave em outside of your door I'm your trash man
    I'm steady lightin another hash and ridin in my jag
    You will need a gas mask man
    You snakes, stop hidin in the grass
    Sooner or later I'll cut it knock the blades in yo ass
    You homo niggas getting Aids in the ass
    While the homie here tryna get paid in advance
    I'm stayin on my grizzy I'ma bonafide hustler
    Play me or play wit me then I'm goin find your mother
    Niggas wanna eat cuz they aint ate nothin
    But niggas wanna leave when you say you out of mustard
    So I'ma walk into the restaurant alone, leavin out
    Leavin behind just residue and bones
    In your residents with Rugers to your dome
    Like where the fuck you holdin the coke, holdin your throat, choke

    This, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this
    This is the Carter

    [Hook X1]

    Go DJ, DJ, DJ

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