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    Uh Yea, Oh Yea
    Trin' Bein I've Got Ya
    Yea I'm On That Syzurp my
    Ya Off Tha
    Hey! Heyyy!

    [1st Verse: Lil Wayne]
    Go by the name of Weezie F.
    An fuck em out the belly store with ten bags?
    Fly as a mutha fucka girly on my staple
    Cause her friends say I'm a tummy sucker
    Don't go below the navel
    I'm up in Lil Haiti
    I'm blowin on Jamaica
    I'm in the pimp a beemer
    I'm with a salt shaker
    Now I'm in Dade County
    I see some thick bitches
    I try to holla at em
    But they all trick bitches
    I think Trina sexy
    Mama ya wine fine
    And on the hush hush
    We need some quiet time
    Yea I'm a ridah ma
    The Birdman's boy
    He on CA MONEY
    All three on CA MONEY?
    Yea and I put her on CA MONEY
    She start wobblin that ass for me
    She start modelin
    She see the models in the Maybach
    She call me Weezie F. Baby
    And she make sure she say that

    [Lil' Wayne]
    See a fly nigga baby yea I don't trip
    Just give em lil thigh?
    Mama give em lil hip
    And if you see a fly bitch
    nigga holla don't trip
    Break her off a few dollars
    Take her on a few trips
    [Lil' Wayne]
    Give em lil thigh
    Mama give em lil hip
    Then you give em Lil' Wayne
    Give em a lil nip
    And if you see a fly bitch
    Nigga holla don't trip
    Break her off a few dollars
    Take her on a few trips

    [2nd Verse: Trina]
    Now I'm the daughter of a madam
    Inside of a pink phantom
    If ya man got that cash
    Then best believe I met him
    Cause I'm sharp as a machete
    And I cuss like great?
    Niggas call me Betty Crocker
    Cause my cakes stay plenty
    Got stacks on top of stacks
    I'm cuppin' a meal ticket
    No matter the consequence
    My emphasis is to get it
    It's Trina Weezie F. Baby
    Man hand do the scripts
    It's all reminiscent to
    Gladys night in the pips?
    All my niggas jump around
    Girls jump on that dick
    It aint gonna be no standin around
    Now lets get crunk in this bitch
    And ladies
    Show em yo shit
    A lil hip a lil thigh
    More pressure for the eye
    And the more a nigga try
    You can find me stretched out
    In my 850i
    Or my big 600
    Believe Trina done it
    Believe them diamonds studded
    Stay flooded like a damn
    Chase grams cause I am what I am
    Don't give a damn


    [3rd Verse: Trina]
    Back to the lesson at hand
    Stick to my plan
    When it comes to seein man after man
    Don't give a damn about his car or his friends
    Wh Wh WhWhat
    Cause I'm gonna make my on ends
    That's WhWhat's up
    Ladies lets say you want a man
    But don't kno how to do it
    Dirty dance with em
    Put a lil back into it
    Look at yo wall shorty
    End up at the mall sporty
    Try to dog waddy?
    Make em spend it all on ya
    Yep and make that nigga ball for ya
    Then have him beggin for that kitty kat
    Wining and dining for that ass
    Give him none of that
    Just let him kno
    Say make a bitch rich
    Cause the badest bitch taught you that

    [Beat Till End]

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