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3 HEADED GOAT (Ft. Cory Gunz, YD)

Lil Wayne

No Ceilings 3


That's right, featuring Cory Gunz and YD

These ain't no SD
Bitch, these Jimmy Choos, might be the Miu Mius, might be the Giuseppe's
Bitch, you could get left, so bitch, get me right, you gotta impress me
Lil' bitch walking 'round with her titties out like she gon' breastfeed
Police raiding my spot, they saw it was me and took selfies
Play with them guns, soon as they pop I'm gon' hit my target
In front of his broad, in front of his daughters, I'm so remorseless
We in Miami in the middle of a pandemic and we on a new beach
Working that salmon, runnin' that sushi
I cannot mention my hoes inside of my songs 'cause I know they be bragging a lot
I can't keep these pills, getting high with these bitches, I'm supposed to be handing 'em out
Show me that nigga who say he getting rich off of dope 'cause my niggas be jabbing a lot
I heard that you and them niggas you with ain't no joke, my niggas laughing out loud, yeah
That shit was awesome, took her to Nordstroms
Just had a foursome, didn't have to force 'em
You cannot come back around me, you turn your back on me, I cannot forgive
You need to stop fucking with strippers, you run into agents and giving 'em tips
We kill your slime, we take your work, we take your bitch, you a bitch
My bitch is a snob, my fool is a jerk, and I bet this missile don't miss

Shorty might got a pole but won't pop shit
He be talking like he down to drop shit
Bitch I'm up in your crib and I don't got a key
I be all in yo shit like a locksmith
And we ain't throwing hands, better stop it
You ain't see no white flag when we squash shit
And you know what's gon' happen when Tune put me right on a track, bitch, you know that's the squad shit
Heard your funds just got low, ain't no job, nigga
So you out here, and you bout to start nigga
I was in your position, and back in the day, I was all by myself, I would rob niggas
Now my money up, I'm living large, nigga
Ain't no need to relive in the dark, nigga
Now I'm 'bout to skrrt off of the lot in the Bentley and take up two spots when I park, nigga
Man, these niggas be boasting I don't even drink on the liquor 'cause when I skate, bitch, I need focus
No comedian joking, man, I hope he get his ass right on the stand so my youngins can roast him
Man, you know why I'm chosen, 'cause I ran here first in the game, put my foot down 'til that bitch was choking
This shit be promotion 'cause I'm smoking on this [?] good, bitch, and it's potent

Lean, water, intelligence
Nigga finding your medicine
My weapons will knock an ottoman out of your residence
Got your wife on the edible, secret service and she taking it down like the president
Can't survive in my element if you never been in stride with the lions and elephants
When they free all my niggas then wherever Weezy be, where I'm flying the felons in
They be rhyming so predicate then when you see 'em in person they quiet and delicate
And 'til somebody die for the death of your brethren I cannot buy what you selling in
We met at the Mandalay she live in San Jose ain't visiting town with a friend today
When they hop in the Laundaulet, we bout to fuck over mandolins champagne and creme Brule
Tell your little mans to stay in his place, don't wanna get shot in your shin today
Nigga play on the internet, I don't get into that, I send a shot in your shin today
Way too many niggas and not enough bitches for all of this bitch shit
Too many to name, you know who to call, for real, some pimp shit
What you saying is not realistic
I just left Elliante the district
But I still go to Vice with the biscuit
Even still for a slice and I missed it
'Bout to gamble your life on a trip bitch
I be rolling the dice on on her lipstick
I'm a different type of sadistic
I don't look at the price when I get shit
I don't put in no ice when I sip shit
Lot of boomers and lights when I clip shit
Leave the room looking like I just flipped shit
She be riding me like I'm a ripstick
She say she want a body for Christmas
I'm living like some bucket list shit
If you don't like it suck a sick dick

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