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Young Mula

Lil Twist

Young young mula baby (uh-huh)
Young young mula baby (was up)
Young young mula baby (tas-po)
Young young mula baby (mic check) (dj) turn me up in da headphones
Young young mula baby (weezy baby)
Young young mula baby (wat up right there)
Young young mula baby (and it goes a lil sumthin, like dis, twist, look

I am da best da young kanye west (dats why)
I'm da next lil weezy I put on like jeezy (I do)
Yeaa... My money tall like jay-z (4 real)
To get dis type of bread boy ya can't be lazy
Ya can't feel me, I'm young money we go hard (we do)
I made a whole song about me chillin on my hot car
Featuring kanye or maybe lil' lupe'
I mix a lil kid bush, skateboard on my supe

No no now who dat say, dey gone beat lil twist (yo body)
Must be sick man (look) I'll turnya up like earn da stick man
And one more thang (young mula baby)
Young money cash money get on my label
If I ain't. cha ace now, den don't ask me 4 favors (uh-huh)
I don't play games with kids (I don't) but dats what kids do (uh-huh)
If u make dollas don't make sense I'm gettin money times 2 (yeaa)
Countin all dis money makin me turn blue (uh-huh)

Ben frankilin on my nerves and I don't know dat fool (haha)
Take'em around do I take'em 2 school (I do)
I put 'em on my lunch card so I can get us some food (I do)
Muthas in my pocket steady actin a fool (shut up)
Liike let me out twist I ain't off in da mood (uh huh)
I'm like so I shoulda left ya at da bank (peace)
Call me young teezy baby or mista big bank hank (and I'm wesstt)

Young young mula baby (easy)
Young young mula baby (dats easy) (keep rollin)
Young young mula baby (twist) come back (aight, aight, look)
Flo so illy worth a milli a milli (uh huh) my body worth a billi a billi (I'm rich)
I dress like I'm from philly
These boyz trynna see me, money stacked to da ceiling (too much)
Like twist ya need healin or alil bit of feelin (I might)
Didn't you boys wanna feel me?

Now ya boyz wanna get me (mann)
Swear I rip dis beliveing like rilly for really (no lie)
Trick'n on did song like milly va nilly
Fresh priince of da south, call me young big willy
It get so illy so illy
I rep more den a milii
I weigh more den a billi

Call me young twist a trilli a trilli a trilli (who got it)
Yea trillionare (nobody) put'cha hands in da air, young money back there
These kids runnin scared young money don; t care (we don't)
I really think it's unfair (I do)
But why should a king care!
Small like amiget standin next to a bear (hahahahaha)
Dem boyz "was back there"?
Aye young mula right heree!

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