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Young Money Fresstyle

Lil Twist

Yeah (dj I'll will) yeah
Ha yo tez guess wat?
I'm back from the yearbook with class president flow
I'm so ill with will like fresh prince yo
Lil twist shine like sheen in a hair show
And glow like a jewlery show and flyer than a sparrow

Flyer than a bird no I'm flyer than a eagle or falcon
Or maybe a hawk can shoot my free throw
Young money key go lock it in the door
Man I swore we can't go now the beat are made for us
Young money sore you better flow to the shore
In the line scare of maror with diamonds galore

You better open up a store or open up a plaza
Grand opening and put my face on the flyer
Call me young obama, meet me in bahamas
Break ya talk up with a pause no comma
Leave you in a coma with these stupid lines though
I seek for new cars can't forget stupid hinds though
I'm in cucamonga yea I'm talking rancho

Credit race flash to reach me like panchos
No immigrants you can catch me in the river and
If they wanted a "ah" I probably wouldn't give a
And if they wanted a "bah" I probably wouldn't give a
And before askin me ask yourself in the mirror (ha)
Ask him, ask reflecto bozo because if you ask twist
I reflect on polo and I'm a wild rapper like my beats for gogo
Or I live on the bay and get hyphie for photos

Slow motion with it, slow motion with it
Got a new jet ski, my ma say hit the ocean with it
Class president you better sit down and listen
And I hear I sound like bootsie, what the heck am I missing?
End up catchin live bait what the heck am I fishing?
And if you wanna be better than me then stick to the wishing
Or right in front of the teacher like in school detention

And I forgot to mention cooking kids in the kitchen
Cleaning kids in the kitchen you can say that I'm dishin'
And these kids paying me I'm like school and tuition
(Ha yeah) I'm the class president fool
75-3 Slide the class president school (ha)

I'm a boss like ross I want these teen rappers for dinner
With big mac sauce no middle bun no homo you be ron
No romo me no speak no inglés and lil twist color be rojo (ha)
Class president is lil twista catch me at the live debate with ya lil sister

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