The Leak

Lil Twist

[Lil Twist]
Microphone killa, microphone wrecka
Got me mista twist himself, the young chubby checker
Like young money youngn’, when no playing the boy
But I jet and I am your favorite kids choice award
No nick at nite, another year, and my girls no miley cyrus (uh-uh)
But the money keep flowin like the jonas on the island
Jonas brothers im so illy, like look vic im so so silly
Like im sitting in the lab with Jae Millz
You gotta feel me
Young mula baby, yeah we so crazy
And I am so amazing
And yall are so lazy
Call me jeezy baby, and please don’t try to play me
You gon’ need more than god to come save me

Thats my savior, church, now im mazin ya
Eyes burning everyday, im saying like im mase’n you
Then I hit the harlem shake, they like ‘lil twist you amazin now’

Now im just … yah
If a test im acen yah
If you don’t … I can’t believe it aint no chasin yah
With these ..., boy I can’t feel my face or nun
I open up your top

Intelligence, a letter that you had
Im the big bad wolfs dad, homie no comparing me to no one
Especially you, im an elite next to you
Oh above you, you blow times two
And im ouh ouh ee awesome, greatness, thats I
You can see me with no eyes
Clearer than a birds sight
No lie, why should I
I fly high, like Jim Jones or sum
We ballin when I was born a … color
Straight runnin
This game, no shame, you lame and rap should be my middle name
Lil twist, say young game
No rock a fella ella
This rap game aint easy, oh wait it easy when you big brother’s weezy

[Lil Wayne]

Brand new money, b-brand new boston
You act brand new and get a brand new coffin
Little bro I got ya, hold your weight an imma spot ya
All you need is the combination to the locker
Im the hip hop rocka
Im the hip hop docta
Im in tip top shape, in my flip flops Gucci
Drinking sacki, eating sushi with a bunch of bad groupies
I swear im a walking movie you ain’t even gotta cue me
And im baby im the **** you ain’t even gotta do me,
Cause ain’t no one gonna do me better than imma do me
So-so imma do me, my watch say time to do me
You don’t kick like I kick it, bitch I kick it im kinda bruce lee
Im the shooter behind the shooting, im the looter behind the looting
And I got so much swagger I swear swagger trynna sue me
Your girlfriend tryin to knew me, I mean she tryin to get to me
She said that she will do all kinds of crazy **** to know me
Ok little twist im Kobe, but im shooting like Ginoblie
Knowing after nor before, I got to earth when mars is boring
What am I worth? You can’t afford
But your baby mom’s adore
She-she wanna read my tattoos like it’s a motherfukin story
Thats a anothing fukin story
But imma get to that later
You don’t know what your in for, and call me mr. dater
Or you could call me ‘is the greatest’ or for short just the greatest
I swear I walk up on the lot and bought the longest Mercedes
Its weezy baby hoe, turn up your radio
Im in the pent house, ****ing on the patio
She called me daddy yo
She don’t wear panty hoes
And when im done watch out I do magic, make her vanish yo
But she was Spanish tho
And I like them Spanish hoes
Yeah two of them and one of me’s a weezy sandwich hoe
And I be like damn them hoes
I am an animal
I am the chief of the tribe like a seminal
Crazy like Ann Nicole
But im expanding tho, man I swear I don’t need security I need fan pantrol
And I am young mula and so is twisty baby
And don’t you ever forget that and don’t forget the baby

Rammat :)

Compositor: Lil Twist Feal Lil Wayne

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