Lil Twist

It's the golden child, bitch
Can't you tell this is just like a... Mixtape track
Even za's in the booth with me and shit
Say somthing za (you know it)
Say it's the golden child my nigga
Drag 'em to the riva
Think I'm reckless now, well aye, bitch wait till december

Yeah niggas tried to stunt on me and though I wouldn't remember
So now it's fuck 'em all, fuck'em raw, fuck'em tender!
Sit back, like the l. Shout out t & trell
And watch out for these nasty hoes
Yeah that's word to shanell
I got a bitch out in la. All she do is play
Addicted to that yay, and yet she love me is what she say... Okay

No bull shit, I'm loaded up like a full clip
I'll tell yo chick do a full split
Give a lil lip, add a front flip
Then bend itt over m make it clack, back it up for the whole team
Go ahead live out yea dream, ha, shit look like a porn scene
Do it big like tyga say, I'll be the one to make a brighter day
One fuck up, I'm twizzy hef, make one snap hoes comming right away. (ha)
Best belive that, that and miami where I be at
Me and lil za straight buy it by the zip
You'll never here us ask where the weed at

Yea, and I'm rollin' up, straight high as fuck, I can't think
I'm off half a pound, I should slow it down
It's doing something to my brain
But I can't get enough of that sweet mary jane
She all on my mind
I'm breaking her down, and hit her just to ease the pain
Fuck being broke, nigga get money

It's the golden child, nigga we comming for yea I promise
Cause if it go down, ion think you wanna
Know how that choppa let it rip
Sitting in the bed, give'em fo' shots
And two to the head, leave 'em dead

All alone, don't make me get in my zone
Cause I'm close friends with that crome
And he been itchin' to aim at domes
That's just how that shit go
Too much money ain't enough money
Nigga I could use mo'

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