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Nuf Said

Lil Tjay

Destined 2 Win

Remember 2007 way before the misconception
Back when ain't nobody thought of me no different from the rest 'em
Of the kids, we used to this, yeah, this is how it is
Shorties dyin', mamas cryin', this shit ain't no way to live

I used to come up off that pack, I'm talkin' zati to the mids
And nowadays this shit ridiculous, they thirsty for a bid
Tell 'em free my main hitters, all the street shit gettin' real
Rats comin' home 'cause they said what other niggas did

Broski on the phone, he just want another chance to live
But he on his own, so long in a cell he say, "The crib"
I was on my own, thinkin' about that stupid shit I did
I got knocked for shit that I ain't do but that's just how it is

Put in pain, we already up but still we tryna gain
Let it flame, see a opp we tryna penetrate his brain
You gon' M just like dummy if you try to take a chain
And if I ever contradict myself then tell me I'm a lame

I'm a real nigga, try me I be quick to let it show
'Cause my hands work too but I be quick to let it blow
And if you know what I be talkin' bout, it hit you if you know
Christmas Eve, I bet he wish that missile hit his toe

I be layin' low, still on go, Bentley for a show
Still my paper glowin' so I ain't takin' any type of dough
This shit off the top, know this ain't a hit but I'ma flow
Breathe let it go, that's why my emotions never show

I been goin hard, I been missin' pop, still the Smelly block
Solid to my roots, you talkin' easy then you gettin' dropped
Shit be kinda strange and that's the reason I don't mention
Free my nigga - and I can't say it 'cause it get too hot

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