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No Escape

Lil Tjay

True 2 Myself

'Bout the wait
Bein' in the hood with no escape
Learned from my mistakes
Sentence on cases

Back when I was five years old, I knew that I was gon' be great
I found my gift for music back around the age of eight
I knew I'd be successful, it was more about the wait
So unacceptable as being in the hood with no escape
My mama taught me right but I just learned from my mistakes
Started washing up the day I caught a sentence on the case
Hunger pains shaped me to the way I am today
I gotta live with it, feelings that won't ever go away
Not every day I pray, but that ain't nothing cute to say
The money good, but how I know my buzz is finna stay?
Put my all into this music, I ain't make it here to play
Came a long way from booking niggas, me and Trigga Trey
Okay, I'm just tryna shed a little bit of light
And motivate them kids who haven't found they way in life
Remember I ain't have nowhere to lay my head at night
Trappin' on the block, I was sellin' weed and dirty Sprite
Don't wait until you hurtin' 'fore you choose to pray to Christ
Shooter on my package, you ever see me on them bikes
Still be in my hood, I'm comin' up, I'm playin' dice
I earned my stripes so I walk around my city like shit nice
On God, I wish I could make sure everybody eat
Red bottoms drippin' off of everybody feet
Hard feelings, I be thinking everybody keep
And I'm workin' hard, I be up while everybody sleep
Asthma acting up, fuck it, I don't really care
Still spittin' bars while I'm wheezing for some air
Pocket hold a deuce, and yeah, it's small, I'm well aware
When it flare, hit your melon, bet your salsa hit the air
VVS's diamonds on me, reason why they stare
Youngest out the city, reason I don't really care
AN on my body, best believe I'm well aware
Quarter milli' on the 'Gram, lil' boy, you're nowhere near
Flexed up, just was next up, now I'm up now
Down to Earth, true to all my fans, I could touch ground
Run up on me thinkin' I don't got it, you get pumped down
Bustdown, glizzy in my pocket, stupid nigga
No security, 18, I don't think they hearing me
Apparently niggas ain't real, shit be scaring me
I'm glizzied up, got that glizzy tucked, why they fearing me?
Rap nigga try to throw shade, why he daring me?
18, got a clean record thanks to YO
Your bitch, she swallow
You feel a way, then catch a hollow
And hits really nothin', we don't really care for five-o
I been doin' this shit, as a kid I was nine-o
But they don't really know that, somethin' like a throwback
Tryna clean the image up so I don't wanna show that
Headed to the top, I ain't never tryna go back
Signs you see me throwin' up, they nothin' like a zodiac
Fuck the other side, see my nuts, they can hold that
Showin' off them pistols, I ain't never seen you blow that
Smelly hella proud and the opps already know that
If y'all want me gone, why don't you come and pull up where a show at?
No cap

No cap (Niggas already know I was gon' make it)
Man, she know I was gon' make it
You know I was gon' make it, yeah
I can talk my, my stuff now
'Cause we out here
No, yeah, you act tough inside the school
And out here, look at you today, yeah, quiet

Remember sellin' white up on the block
Tryna make some knots
D's try to run up in the spot
Me and Smelly sittin' in the trap
Smokin' on the pack
Wrong crib, all you smell is crack
And I done put my trenches onto rap
I wish I could go back
To August 14th to be exact
That's when my nigga Smelly would be here
Trauma so severe
I had to watch him crying out for air
Bet he's in the air, make me cough
Spinnin' through the fourth
Catch an opp, I'm finna take him off
And I call the shots, I'm a boss
Skinny version Ross
Dummy in the air, take a loss

Y'all niggas gon' get me caught up, man
Got me talkin' hot and shit, man
Niggas know my body though
SB the fuck up, gang

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