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Irregular Love

Lil Tjay

Destined 2 Win

I ain't tryna vibe with you, baby girl
I ain't tryna tell you lies
You been showin' signs to me, baby girl
And I ain't tryna waste no time
I understand you want, what you want bad
High class 'cause you all that
Want a nigga who can ball out
But imagine if it fall back?
Imagine I was dead, dead broke
All the money and fame wasn't there
Imagine if it all went left
Tell me, girl, would you still be here?
It's sad but we both know the truth
If this ain't real, baby swear
Tired of guessin' and stressin' and questionin' love
I guess it's best I disappear

Won't judge
Why don't you just tell me what's up?
I don't think you know how to love-ovе
This shit ain't no regular love, regular lovе, regular love

Somethin' different 'bout you girl and I like that
You make my stomach curl, I can't fight that
It's deeper than "My girl" 'cause you waste that
Can't nobody pipe that
I wanna know that if it go down, you gon' still ride
I told you, "I just want the truth, " and girl, you still lied
I kept my feelings in, but don't think I ain't realized
My guys told me I should spin and I still tried (Still tried)
I know you finna try and say I'm fucked up (MM)
Girl, you don't realize you lucked up
Young nigga too real, got my bucks up
I think it was better, girl, for real when we just fucked
And keep it honest, keep it real, can you feel that?
And if you just wanna be a kill, I could kneel back
And I can't waste no more time with you, old girl
Love you but you toxic for my mind, this shit feel whack

Won't judge
Why don't you just tell me what's up?
I don't think you know how to love-ove
This shit ain't no regular love, regular love, regular love

Over again, oh
I can't believe that we had to call it over again, baby
You don't know me, and I don't know you

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