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Wrath Of Kim's Madness

Lil' Kim

Ms. G.O.A.T.

[Intro: Mister Cee]
Now this shit right here
Goes out all my cats from New Jerus
That's New Jersey to you and me
C'yeah, drop that shit

[Verse 1: Lil Kim]
I'm all about my paper, ain't messin' with the majors
Told my nigga "Uh, and get the one's we can do this"
No more J. M. , it's La Bella to the death
It's the clique, so get with the movement
Now I'm collecting cheques, settle for nothing less
Same broad, the awards, exposing the breast
Y'all been frontin' and lyin', snitchin' and tryin'
But now I'm free
You wanted honey, to try and catch the Bee
Actually, I'm internationally known
No Hiv but my status is full blown
A few rocks and stones, but I'm keepin' it grown
Got my own Gucci store, beside of my home
And if you, don't understand my actions
Just know there's a method to my madness

[Queen Latifah Interlude]

[Verse 2: Lil' Kim]
Some Mcs are old and arrogant
Try to make a name by dissing and competing
Niggas just like to spend cash
Cum fast, cos my pussy's so sweet
A diabetic wanna eat it first
Some people hate, and choose to talk trash
I brush it off and let it pass, like Steve Nash
Quick, fast, I get up in that ass
Kim's fast, and put hole on four blasts
This bitch, what you make I take half
I dare you to put your hands in my stash
Dudes dates girls who try to be like me
My pimp game so good make you leave wifey
New York's finest, call me Your Highness
And know there's a method to my madness

[Queen Latifah Outro]

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