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Winners and Losers

Lil' Kim

Naked Truth

Let's be real about a pimp
how long did you think
She was just going to take it
you thought she was just going to take it
all you new hot young fresh bitchs
doin old shit
oh she been doin it
member member
I remember
I'm sho remember too
member when she first came out
member she sexy and you
aw look at this bitch
who do this bitch think she is
showin her shit
member why she can't
She just rap member that what you said
and now look what the fuck is ya talkin about
why what; what you mad at her fa
han what you say
her titts got big
bitch you got yo regular titts
why they didt work fo ya
han what; what you
oh no thats excuses
just emit nigga
that there are winners and loser
shes a winner and yous a mothafuckin loser and thats what you do
be good at it
be the best loser you can be
and if that don't work out fa ya
do me this one favor
shut the fuck up

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