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Whenever You See Me (Feat. Cassidy)

Lil' Kim

Hard Core 2K14 (Mixtape)

[Hook: Lil Kim]
Whenever you see me
I'm in the coupe wit' the windows down
Looking kinda breezy
Each of my wrists like a hundred thou'
I make it look easy
Watch the Pirellis go round and round
That's why they feel me
On the strength of how I gets down
Ready or not, here I come, you can't hide
I'm gonna find you, and take it slowly

[Verse 1: Lil Kim]
You know I move in silence like them gangstas taught me
Put money on the table, pass the pepper and salt please
Moving too fast, take it slow like R&B
But aren't I resisting things out on South Beach
Blanco, Kimmy B, Urs, the same thing
Ain't shit change, going hard for the whole team
Got niggas on my line, I ain't hanging no clothing
A bitch been crack, just living this dope dream
I'm talking 'bout Bulgari on the charm, Piguet on the arm
Limited edition Giuseppes
You know I got the shooters
From the turf that'll pop you like Percs
I suggest you muhfuckas don't test me
Wanna eat me out, can he pay all my bills?
'Venchy rag and in the house on the hills
Put this pussy on you like the sun in the morning
Beat it up, beat it up, up


[Verse 2: Cassidy]
The money coming in, I been having a good year
I wear Prada, Balenciaga the footwear
If I'm in the building then you know that the hood there
I'm spitting fire till I retire like Goodyear
Yeah, pocket full of chicken, getting that poultry
Got niggas mad cause I'm in my bag like groceries
My team wild, better watch how you approach me
I get a Og to punch you right in your gold teeth
Yo, I'm wit' my girl Kim, girlfriend go harder than grown men
She bad wit' a Hermes bag bringing the chrome in
I go hard but I make it look easy
Whenever you see me, I'm ballin' like Cp3


[Outro: Lil Kim]
You can't run away, yeah
From the truth, oh no no, baby, yeah baby
It's gonna catch up to you one day
Kim and Cassidy
We got these streets lit baby, yeah baby
We run shit from Brooklyn to Philly

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