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Lil' Kim

Brooklyn is in the building
You already snow
Avalanche flow haaters
Its Blanco yeah murder

OO we about to kill them
Brooklyn Brooklyn oo We in the building
I ain t playing I ain't playing
OO I ain't stopping... this bitch still throwing shots?

OO lets get it popping
Im a real boss bitch
OO Griselda Blanco
Got the best blow in town

OO the head honcho
This Lil Kim Clone
OO I can't do it
Seen this bitch on these awards

OO she look stupid
I be laughing I be laughing
OO I be dying
These bitches is kinda slow

OO they 50 Tyson
I be flirting with a million
Gotta crush on a billion
Look at Mark Zuckerberg like

OO he can get it
I get money I get money
OO I love the cash
Niggas rapping like baby

OO that mean they're trash
Im just saying im just saying
The game is full of frauds
Me and Wayne got on the same jeans?
OO something wrong

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