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Lil' Kim

Hard Core 2K14 (Mixtape)

I'm a trendsetter
I do what I want
I do what I like
I know you hate don't
Why you hatin' though?
Not good for your health
You mad that I'm up
Be mad at yourself

I'm trending
I'm setting trends
Bitch I'm setting trends

[Verse 1:]
I'm trending, aye
Pushing that Bentley like strollers
Yeah, holding the cup like coasters
Roller, Yeah
Popping this like I'm suppose to
All designer, baller
Not paying no coaches
Rate the focus
You haters is like cock-a-roaches
Hard to approach us
My necklace is gold dust
Boy these Giuseppe's cost more
Than your note on your foreign
To me that's boring
Givenchy, my shirt and my shoes
And my bag and my wallet is blue. ooh



[Verse 2:]
My scent in that Dolce
My scarf is Versace
It's by Donatella, my ring is the same
My skin is Nutella
It's vintage Chanel all over my frame
Judge is my game
My nigga, he eating me
I know he need an umbrella
Adventurous fella
He's going down, down underneath
Just like a cellar
My sneakers are Maison Margiela [what else?]
Counting up like a bank teller [what else?]
Show me one bitch who do realer
Always catch me with gorillas
Pockets on so much, no sit-ups
On my pussy he do chin-ups
Blanco, Im raising the bar
Better high jump like Olympics [ayee]
I'm setting trends
I'm trending [ayee]
No album, no single, [ayee]
Just ya girl setting trend



Hey, So you mean to tell me
Ya'll niggs mad at us?
Cause, cause we fly nigga?
Fuck you mean nigga?
We them trendsetters
That's all we do is set trends
Fuck niggas
Ahahah, yeah

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