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The Queen

Lil' Kim

I don't give a fuck, yeah yeah yeah
As we proceed to five you what you need
Queen Bee muthafuckas, BIG muthafuckas
Junior Mafia muthafuckas, yeah yeah yeah yeah

Lil' Kim:
Bitches wanna front on em
Know not to come on em
I keep 10 glocks, 10 rocks up and in front of em
Like they spraying somethin', like they saying somethin' (you ain't saying shit)
I get my bark on like DMX or somethin'(what)
My music's like Louis, stiff eighty-four
Yours is like Evander, 77th floor
Thanks to Tae-bo, I'm 32 and 0
Then I catch a knock out, then swing and pop out
2 for 5 spots, I tear the rocks out
Pop the tops out, then clear the spot out
Take a nigga or a bitch (uh), you don't want no problems
My revolver is a quick problem solver
Don't never think I'm slippin, bitch I ain't dumb
I carry a stun gun inside of my hair bun
Hatin' ass niggaz, I treat you like a bitch
Strap on a fake dick and stick you where you shit HA!

Come my people, come and hail the queen (Y'all bitches ain't shit)
Everybody let me hear you sing (There's only one queen, my queen, the Queen
Come my people, come and hail the queen (Come on niggas, we took a little
Everybody let me hear you sing (You thought we was gon stop, we will never

Lil' Kim:
I took 3 years off to map my shit out
Switched up my game plan
Get closer to god
Give me an inch I'll take a yard
Oh yall didn't know but yall knew I was coming back real hard
By the power that's invested in me, faith rested in me
I can't quit now, too much money's invested in me
To my nigga B.I., this ones for you baby
These niggaz wanna be kings,
What the fuck is these niggaz crazy?
I'm a hold da spot for ya yeah
Keep it locked for ya yeah
Rock for ya pop
Ain't a nigga I won't drop for ya
Bitches want my title, there aint a slot for ya
It's a cold whole world, I'll keep it hot for ya
What..Y'all cats know who I am
What..I love those who love Lil Kim
What..I'm back again, the mic beater, the dick beater
The pussy skeeter
Do or die!

Chorus: Come my people, come and hail the queen(Queen Bee,
Everybody let me hear you sing (To my niggaz)
Come my people, come and hail the queen (I don't think the understand)
Everybody let me hear you sing (I don't think they understand Puff)

Lil' Kim:
Blink 5 carats on the fuck you finger
And the hataz in the crowd, give 'em the "fuck you finger
Think you can ball with the queen, handle the reprecussions
Our guns bust the English and the Russians
Nas pararoba cata reba ne toche gababin dabunce das padonya
Niggaz stand in line pay a fee for me to kiss em
Twenty-one's the lucky number once the e is in the system
One night with the QB and niggaz need maturity
I keep my pussy tight like the president's security
I'm sometimey, that's right, I change like the year
I win chips from a casino, and throw em in the air
I'm the queen, I got special priviledges
We ain't equivalent, how dare you insult my intelligence?
Now, I win awards, you like the words to this song
You thought I was gone, but the queen LIVES ON!

As we proceed to give you what you need...
All my niggaz, all my niggaz, wild the fuck out (Wild the fuck out)
All my bitches, all my bitches, wild the fuck out (All my bitches wild the fuck out)
Everybody, everybody wild the fuck out (Throw your muthafuckin' hand in the air)
The Queen is back baby!!!!!

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