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Summer Sixteen

Lil' Kim

Lil Kim Season (Mixtape)

It's either you love it or hate it
You straddle the fence, that's not trill enough
I just slap all of my niggas
That's showing me they really down for the coming up
Ooh it's pressure
Hammer man, can't touch this
Frozen pipes, watch me bust on 'em
Step on heads like clutches
Watch the pipes leave the dust on 'em
Toni Braxton with the flow hoe
Usher Raymond with the dance moves
Nino Brown with the dope quotes
Pussy get wetter than bottled water
I took that dick out to Bora Bora
He ate the booty like mahi-mahi
Mai tais with Tahitian hotties
Mob ties with the Legion
Probably got me moving like I'm in a movie
Acting like he knew me
I am too elusive
Life is too exclusive to worry
So Imma just live a little
(Yeah) I need an Oscar Nomination
Bitch I'm a living Motion Picture
Rolling with You
Need to see you speeding, with a smoking pistol
They honor me that's no Judicial
Zebra stripes I'm so official
If it ain't mutually beneficial
Then what the fuck am I doing with you?
Baby niggas like price efficient
Cut it out like Eddie scissors
I got the bread on me
Paparazzi got me paranoid, shit feel like the feds on me
Close the curtains on the 600
City traffic give me time to think
Think about when I was first fronted
I live fast with no time to blink
I need a nigga like Malcolm X
Seven zeros on every check

I been looking for some bands
All summer sixteen
All summer sixteen
Playing dirty not clean
Got the whole Bk out here like a football team
What the fuck you mean?
I been looking for some bands

Nothing but them fucking M's
You already

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