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Suicide (Feat. French Montana)

Lil' Kim

Hard Core 2K14 (Mixtape)

(Verse: Lil Kim)
Playin' games with my money, that's playin' Russian roulette
You rather take yo own life before you go and do that
We throwin' bands in the club, it's comin' down like confetti
Ten steps ahead of you bitches, I got all next year's Giuseppe
Be in that trap like Mickey Mouse, got my cat all ova his mouse
That shit scratch all of my couch, got these rats all in my house
Playin' my pussy in a Rolls while I'm sippin' on rolls
Cuz when he fuck with me she feel some type away
Shout out fizzy bitch nigga all my homie bitch
Homie, benjies all in my button, bitch
Diamonds all on my arm
Shout out all my birk, you roach hoes get gondoe

(Verse 2: French Montana)
Sometimes I look at my son, then I picture my father
When he looked at his son, he understood his story
I can stand on the strip, flip ten million zips
Or I can parlay with puff and make it 10 million flip
I been a boss and you know it, make a mill and I blow it
I had a dream I would sell and in July it was snowin'
When they caught me a bird, momma, pray for my blessin's
Niggas fuck with my nerves, talk faster than questions
First spray was the ball, worse spray was the verdict
Fit that mill and deserted, thought the block was deserted
Talkin' 500 murders, about 100 I knew
I'm talkin' 500 casings, about 400 that blue
Ye lost it all in the debt, but you been grindin' it longest
I mean you bought off the bar, but got no money for lawyer
That suicide

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