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    Lil Cease

    Sipping Hansun
    Got dough like the Hansons
    Bitches come fast and out like Helly Hansen
    Mister Bristal you will neva catch me dancing
    Off the prancing
    Only in a mansion
    In a party high and drunk
    I see you glancing
    Never blow my cool even if its jammin
    Is the bitch is a feed I got a cannon
    Cock, Lick shots, Leave them where they standing
    You can call the cops I never get ran in
    Call Blake C. yall get the understanding
    Who my man is, who the fam is
    All that bullshit you talk, can it
    We own the planet
    Its a definite
    Niggas go for money reppin it
    Armagedding it
    Everything we on we setting it
    You delicate
    Farr away in the country where you better get
    Yall need to get with some veterans

    Chorus: (Harve Pierre)
    You don't wanna play around
    You don't wanna play around
    You don't wanna play around...with me
    No more.....I'll kill you
    You don't wanna play around
    You don't wanna play around
    You don't wanna play around...with me
    No more.....I'll kill you

    (Lil Cease)
    Yo Yo Yo
    Niggas wanna start shit
    Push the button
    See the dough flip from the carpet
    Me and Brist about to lock down the market
    Gats they spark it
    Lie to
    Got crips and bloods that pop ???
    B.Rock I'm a die for you
    Til this day I'm a ride for you
    God forbid I die too
    When you pull that gack
    I'll be right besides you
    To guide you
    On who to hit and not to
    If a niggas guilty he got to die to
    Thats the reala
    They talking to the roach killa
    The most illa
    About to upset New York like Reggie Miller
    Plus they say you turn thug you turn killa
    Its hard to turn back when a nigga feel ya
    That's why they say don't nobody know you til sombody kill ya
    That's why I say stay back, don't get to familiar
    Cause if you get to close my niggas might fucking kill ya

    Chorus: (Harve Pierre)
    You don't wanna play around
    You don't wanna play around
    Lil Kim: another
    You don't wanna play around...with me
    Lil Kim: da queen b
    No more.......I'll kill you
    Lil Kim: the extraodinaire
    You don't wanna play around
    Lil Kim: Lil Cease
    You don't wanna play around
    Lil Kim: Coming at ya for the year 2000, the new millenium
    You don't wanna play around...with me
    Lil Kim: uh
    No more.......I'll kill you
    Lil Kim: uh

    (Lil Kim)
    Fuck all yall hoes I blows like suits
    Bitches don't shake my hand
    They salute, the leutinent
    Rich men kiss the back of the hand of the royal heiness..pocanhantas..mafia behind this
    Balling like Utah
    Didn't think a ghetto bitch could come this far
    From pushing buicks to candle apple red jaguars
    Niggas think I'm rich
    I could rock a fubu suit...a furry kangol and some cowboy boots
    And still be the shit of the night
    When I come through
    You be on the side holding your cups like the bums do
    Waiting for the queen to put some change in it
    I pull out a g and drop it
    With a hundred grand left in my pocket
    I promoted this shit
    So I got to make a profit
    And all the ends I sends to my mens down in Scarfett
    Me and Lil Cease in partuni partners
    Laying niggas down like carpenters
    So pardon us
    Like Nikes, we just do it
    We aint ameteurs to this shit
    We used to it
    And all the bodies I killed
    I keep them on file
    So when there anniversaries come
    We pop Cristal
    Ask Chrystal, the golden child Tow dow!
    Take it how I give it
    You talk shit
    We live it
    Don't forget it

    Stop trying to sound like her too

    Chrous plus ad libs from Lil Kim and Puff till fade

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