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Oh Let's do It

Lil' Kim

Yeah o let's do it, o let's do it, o let's do it

Waka flaka, Its Kimmy
I ani't gone lie to y'all I had a little set back

Yea drug dealing music, I influence, o let's do it

I fucked my money up
fucking with them assholes junior mafia
I covered up them rat hoes
Now my game up from fucking with them athlete's
What the fuck I got to drive fo I seat in the backseat
Like my niggas like scarface bitch I'm Mrs. Pacino
Bitch I would be Ginger if this here was casnio
Could be more like Kisha but I ain't no new jack
Still all about my benji ask P-mac mackenzie
Oh when I was loicked up I was still eatting lobster
Bitch you ain't no mobster bitch yous an impostor
Waka what it do A-town what it do
Hold on let me take this call Marc Jacobs on line two
Hit me

(Waka Flaka)
Yeah, O let's do it
Ay, O let's do it
Ay, O let's do it

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