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Migo (feat. Tlz, Young Bonds)

Lil' Kim

[Verse 1:]
I could build a mansion, I got hella' bricks
I'm not to be fucked with, I'm celibate
Put yo eyes on ya lips bitch, watch yo mouth
I cook it up in the south like waffle house
I'm the connect, I thought I told ya
I got a street full of soldiers
Go ahead man, they ready for whatever
Pussy like mansson, can you stand the weather?

Aye, hit my migo tell 'em send another one
Hit my migo tell 'em send another one

[Verse 2:]
Whipping and flipping that work
I twerk to these squares
You know I swallow it all
He licking my ass just like he a dog
No wholesale, you retail
My shit cost, no retail
I get it through mail
Pack it, ship it, I sell
School bus, Chanel suits
Trench coat and rain boots
Made by Balmain, I can't stand the rain

[Chorus] [Male]
Hit my migo tell 'em send another one
Yeah, cuz I can't stand the rain

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