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Knock Em' Out The Box (Feat. Method Man)

Lil' Kim

[Lil' Kim]
I'm bout to fuck this track, get the Ky jelly
I'm pluck ya haters nerves, like a game of skelly
Yeah, I might screw Nelly in the back of the deli
And ya'll say the Queen don't keep it gully
She want him home by one, he ain't showin' tonight
I guess ol' girl ain't throwin' it right
Down down baby, on the first lady
Before he bust, I'm slidin' off to Slim Shady
Dear Eminem, you just don't understand
I want to melt in your mouth and not in your hands!
Your accent make me horny, you got hits
So peep the remix: your bum is on my tits
Usher, you ain't got to call
Had you singin', you remind me to a blow up doll
I'm into sports, mostly basketball
I be like, ohh, and they take it to the hole
Picture me the coach of the New York Knicks
Gettin' head from Sprewell, choke on this
Sixty nine's the position, I can't resist
I'm that blunt in Snoop's mouth, smoke on this
From Chris Webber to Vince Carter, who get in the best
Competin' for the Queen like a dunking contest
Yo, J to A. I. , when you in Bedstuy
Make sure you holla at the K. I

[Chorus: Method Man]
Knock 'em out the box, bitch, knock 'em out, bitch
Knock 'em out the box, bitch, knock 'em out, bitch
Knock 'em out the box, bitch, knock 'em out, bitch
Knock 'em out the box, bitch, knock 'em out, bitch
It's time I show 'em what a bitch is all about, bitch
A keep it movin', keep them bitches out my mouth, bitch
From the east, to the west and dirty south, bitch
Knock 'em out the box, bitch, knock 'em out, bitch

[Lil' Kim]
For a million dollars a head, I'll fuck all of Cash Money
Back that thang up like a Playboy bunny
Bling bling, every time Baby hit the booty, bling bling
And Lil' Wayne run up in the cootie, ching ching
Juve' and the rest of the crew, the same thing
Hahaha, I cracks myself up
I know I talk shit, but I can back myself up
Still don't believe the words I'm spittin'
Dab, I'm from Brooklyn, that's a no brainer
Why the fuck you ain't call me to be ya personal trainer
I'm just fuckin' with you, don't get mad, and try to spaz
Or I'll have to call that nigga Kasta Zu, on your ass
Tyson, Sugar Ray, you boxers turn me on
Hope your dick's like your money B, real long
Just cuz I'm a freak and talk dirty in my songs
This pussy ain't for free, now that's where you're wrong
I take Tank to the bank, before his career sank
For me to sex him, I need about 17 drinks
Like The Artist said, I'm a sexy muthafucka
Try'nna make a Rush Hour 3 porno with Chris Tucker
What about Musiq Soulchild, man, I'd rather suck Bilal
And have an orgy with the whole Where Brother Art Thou
Jagged Edge, 112, N'Sync, is on
Get my hands on Justin and Britney Spears is goone

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