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Irs Freeestyle

Lil' Kim

Black Friday (Mixtape)

What chu gunna do when Irs come for you pay that money up

I'm in the purple haze parscha
Dutch colored seats my young boy
Blowin the droe itching to reach I'm the blue print already know
Who the nicest without me they stuck in a identity crisis these blue
Stones don't come with no prices the modern cleatatra but they
Callin me Isis its tax season time to face the Irs I been lienyent
But know its time to pay ya debts I don't ride the beat I make love
To the mothafucka I'm in the booth with nothing on but a diomond
Godda you see it's bigga than nio and da chadda how you think you
Coming off when yo

Boss was my partner I'm in the choppa
Ms thang you can have the lane cuz god mama moved
On to bigger and badder things you see these stripes on my arms
I'm a batterang the game hurting an bitch I'm the navicane
Haters where you at I dare yu ta holla back I got my foot on they
Neck like a chiropract all that tough talk what happend to all of that
I got a Siamese twin They call her copy cat you ain't got to
Acknolage that but you can roger that and you can copy that I
See em rocking

Chanel so I Prada daht the doll baby trend setta
Follow daht I herd a fuck boy say I Anit been hot since 97 I beg ta
Defer turn to hot 97 they still tryna be me from 97 I'm still eating off
My shit from 97 no single no album still draw em out I keep a
Hot 16 watch me pour em out this ice freeze um up and this
Heat thaugh em out he don't get hard for you cuz I wore him out

Yeah kimmy blanco un huh Irs y'all already know what
It is it's tax season we coming to collect (outro)
What chu gunna do when Irs come for you pay that money up

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