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Intro - In a Minor Part 2

Lil' Kim

Hard Core 2K14 (Mixtape)

[Man 1] While you was in jail over a magazine or a picture
How was it in there?

[Man 2] Listen, I was there, it was up north
I witnessed it myself. Niggas was getting stabbed
The whole 9 yards, over a picture of Lil' Kim
squat down showing her fat... her booty tactics
it's ridiculous. Niggas getting stabbed up and
nothing was going down after that
It was just the fact
that they had the illest picture in the world
[Man 1] Over a magazine?
[Man 2] Over a straight tacked
A magazine picture of Lil' Kim squat
[Man 1] For a Lil' Kim picture
people got murdered over that picture
[Man 2] Over that picture
[Man 1] Wow
[Man 2] People lost their live and that's incredible
[Man 1] Over that picture alone
[Man 2] Cuz she had on a leopard bikini
and she squat down and her
[Man 1] Shit was wide open
[Man 2] It was so packed
[Man 1] [laughing...]
[Man 2] The bikini and it was so fucking weird, um
people speculated that
that she stuffed something in there
but she really did have the fattest... pussy
it was the fattest pussy I've ever seen

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