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Intro (Black Friday Album)

Lil' Kim

Black Friday (Mixtape)

Alright, sir, which side of the street would you like to be on
Yeah, that one, that side right there
Yeah, okay

Okay, that will be four-ninety please
Yeah, yeah, here's five dollars, keep the change
Oh, fuck you

May, I help you?
Yeah, ah, can, can, I have one for Little Kim, hardcore
That will be ten dollars
Fuckin' weirdo

Yeah, may I help you?
Yeah, ah, can I get a small order of popcorn, and
Ah, ah, a large order of butter and just like a lot of napkins please
Butter? Anyway, am, will that be all?

Yeah, ah
That'll be six-ninety-five
Ah, man, why this shit so slimey?

Yeah, yeah, yeah baby, yeah, oh yeah, come on, baby
Yeah, yeah, mm, yeah, yeah, Kim, come on, Kim
Come on, yeah, yeah
Yeah, come on, Kim, Kim, yeah, yeah work it, bitch

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