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I Get It

Lil' Kim

Ms. G.O.A.T.

Dont ask me how I get it
I get it, right?

I, I, I get it
I, I, I get it
I, I, I get it, yeah
(I run me up)

I, I, I get it
I, I, I get it
I, I, I get it, yeah
(I run me up)

The bank dont stop
Cause they put me in cuffs
Still made money up in the can
What the fuck?

Ill have a baby to buy you, baby
If you a billionaire
Write the cheque before I come
Just sign right here

Ima stay rich, I aint gonna die
Tryin to spend my shit
Ima die
Tryin to spend your shit

Now a days these rap niggas
On some feminine shit
So I guess Queen B
Gon be the man of this shit

Laughin at these rap bitches
On some amateur shit
Theyre better off makin a livin
On some janitor shit

Who the hell is this chick?
She been out kinda long
Had one hot song, I'm sorry, I missed it
Too busy being conceded puttin on my lipstick

Takin trips out in Cali, chillin with the Hiltons
Yeah, Im chillin Kim top billin
With the top down
Pourin money through the ceilin

I get it
The lifestyle you only rap about
I live it
My man buy me cars that you hoes be rentin
I'm classy like a Phantom, you a Honda Civic

Lil Kim got your whole bank
Stop, I get it

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