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Lil' Kim

Call the dog pound, cause this bitch bad
I be home? Versace bag
Kimmy got 'em sweating like they Trinidad
Time piece. Wavy rocks. Blonde hair, call it Baywatch
I pull up to the party in a bright red Ferrari
And I shut the block down like I just caught a body
Bang Bang

Foreign engineer. '020 body style, it ain't even here
12's in the trunk, Bruce Lee kick in the rear
Smoking out the inside like fog in the mirror
Everybody stare like they looking at a leprechaun
Chromed out shoes, these the type you ain't steppin' on
I don't want to hear, tell your problems to a priest
I don't fuck with him 'less he a beast, capisce?
B. I. G. rest in peace. Brooklyn

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