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Cha Cha Cha

Lil' Kim

Clue- new lilkim
cha cha cha
rulers are back, remember that

Kim- my poppa taught me how to ride dicks,
Cut them off, freeze em, and use them as ice picks (yah yah) hard times
Baby, i got bitches upstate, doing 2-8 for 1st degree rape, but i cant get

Uptate, my name holds weight, (why is that) like i said my name hos hate,
Pussy is debate, around the way they call my the pink panther, ask leo
Ganther, he knows the rap jones a fiegn baker, keep her wrists looking like

Strobe lights, when i bust my gun, niggas think im babylon (for real) cause i
Shine on just like miss sygon (bup bup bup), the sex, the cars, gotta set the

Next, fuck it, who you wit, betta claim ya set, caution, walking on me might
Break ya neck, im like water on the floor, slippery when wet(for real)
Niggas want to test me, i doubt that, automatic oozzies, we about that, gun
You in the sun or the rain, point blank range me and my bitch can squeeze
About 6 (yah yah)

Reggae- the gangsta i heard her screamin, but that dont make no sense at
Too me, or my glock

Dj clue- check us on side 2 (interupts the song and cuts it off)

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