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Lil' Kim

Microphone check
1, 2 1, 2
She's back
Now what you Mcs gon' do?
Put it down so hard
These raps just can't hate
Ain't a crip or a blood
But I got my own gang
Scarf tied around the face
Chrome baseball bat
We bangin' and our colors is yellow and black
Like the d**k in the p**sy
We fit right in
Got a gun that's a pen
So we slip right in
Y'all don't want it with us
Cause we die for our people
And when the bee stings
Believe me, it's lethal
We split this money
Till' we all like equal
Come at any one of us
And it's gonna be a sequel
Bitches spit at me
I spit it back times three
C'mon man
Can't f**k wit da bee
Waitin' for me to fall
It ain't happening D
I'm on a mission from B. I. G

And this is for my niggaz in the streets
Bang Out
And all my niggaz wit da beats
Bang Out
If you pump Queen Bee in ya jeeps
Bang Out
Pull them thangs out
And we could all Bang Out

My nigga Blake C
Bang out
Da Abba kids
Bang out
Ice Drake and Glacier
Bang out
Baby Blue and Lil' Shanice
You bang out
The Gotti kids
Bang out
You know da Queen Bee
Bang out
For B. I. G
We bang out
Drop a beat
And we could all bang out

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