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6 Foot Tall

Lil' Kim

Black Friday (Mixtape)

(Lil' Kim)

Ok, Ok. I got the ball
I'm coming down the court like Jordan with his tongue out
Petite and all
I'm steppin' on y'all like I'm 20 foot tall
Cinammon skin, like a porcelain doll
Juice box liable to start a 20 man brawl
Shame on y'all, Thinkin' I'mma fall
I'mma never fall
Like the dope fiend lean
Irs the team, Live in New Jeruz, rep 7-18
Buckingham Palace Like Elizabeth the queen

Hello, hello
It's Mrs. steal your man
Give em' right back to ya, Then steal em' again
You can get another one, Bet I'll steal him
You already know, Audemars stealin' lookin' like the Aspen slopes
You already snow, Rocks, avalanche
You already know, I get stupid like ski racks on the Maybach
James Brown, big payback, Ow!
Where my cape at?
Ow! Where my cape at?

(I. R. S)

Fresh white tees, bleedin' red velvet. Stars around your head, cowboy helmets
Guns like pictures, we draw them from our pelvis
You on your 3rd strike, like repeated felons

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