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Where My Dog At

Lil' Keke

Platinum In Da Ghetto

What uh yeah, come on
Ke' keeping it hot what uh, Ke' keeping it hot yeah
Uh, Ke' keeping it hot

[Lil' Keke]
I need some'ing jazzy, sophisticated X-rated
Freaky and dedicated, highly anticipated I'm just so thugged out
I'm living life, as a G
Hit the pad and turn it up, and try to smoke a QP
Watch them space age broads, cause they think they slick
Get to running they mouth quick, trying to catch em a trick
I like em super-duper fine, with they g-string tight
Couple squares of flight, and she gon work it all night
This the pimp zone, where niggaz get lynched on
And all that chatter just don't matter, cause I've been gone
I'm trying to get high mayn, you know I gotta stay lit
Full of that sticky-icky shit, that them white boys get
You can catch me on the highway, cause it ain't no joke
Me manish and Appy Scappy, in a cloud of smoke

[Hook - 2x]
Where my dogs at, and where you cats at
We roll it up and twist it fat, because it's like that
We get our smoke on, keep some'ing to choke on
We hit the club and get a broad, and then get straight gone

[Lil' Keke]
I get my blaze on, as I'm playing for competition
Smother the opposition, till I'm done with the mission
I stay fired up, to keep the stress off my mind
Hustling and making runs, trying to dodge doing time
My lifestyle, consists of dirt and bad habits
Murder money and tragic, killer weed and magic
This a different page, I'm tal'n bout really in a rage
Fuck minimum wage, getting twenty for the stage
On a paper hunt, getting gritty for mo'
Six figgas is alright, but it be coming too slow
I put my soldier rag out, when my times gets tough
I gotta stay with some'ing to puff, because this world is rough
So get your groove on, then try to move on
And let em know that you for real, and you gon come strong
Go on rock it go on drop it, girl that's all on you
I call the shots on this track, like a real pimp do
So save the drama for you mama, or you riding or not
Cause if you ain't that lil' mess, then go take your spot

[Hook - 2x]

[Lil' Keke]
Say you hot girl, I saw you peeping from afar
Let me see you do your thang, in the presence of a star
She don't give a damn, she just wanna bite the bar
Strip and skinny dip, up in the bubble bath spa
Smoke on light green rolled up, out the jar
Jump in the king sizes, take a thug to war
I'm on cruise control, for the rest of the night
Just a mack of all trades, with his shit locked tight
Where my dogs at, they got this motherfucker jumping
Where my hogs at, cause we ain't got time for the bumping
Independent black owned, standing tall and strong
Got bout five or six cars, two or three cell phones
This is mob status, cause we some young tycoons
Trying to have mo' money, than silver spoons what

[Hook - 4x]

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