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We Coming Back

Lil' Keke

My click, don't sweat it
Here we come nigga, CMG on the rise check it

[Lil' Keke]
It's been a long time, but we bringing it back
This for the gangstas on the streets, still dressed in black
For the gangstas in the Penn, still dressed in white
Hold your head young nigga, everything's alright
It don't matter what they do, still love my peeps
You can hustle all night, but respect the streets
It's a picture out there, and I'm seeing it clear
Told my click step it up man, cause this our year
Load up the tour bus, yeah we rolling again
Feeling good bout my fam, it's just me and my men
Yeah we loc'd up, the trunk smoked up
This for cowards on the streets, yeah they choked up
They thought we broke up, but we came back
And I'ma twist another fat one, out the do' sack
I blow my wig back, and continue to mash
Cause it's all about the road trips, and getting that cash
Take a second look, niggaz nuts took
Bout to turn another page, in the gangsta book
And this life ain't fair, so I just don't care
We ain't got to come back, cause we ain't went nowhere, what

We coming, we coming back
We coming back, when it's time to attack
The black Mack don't slack, and he don't know how to act
We coming, we coming back
We coming back, putting hits on the rack
Moving bricks of crack, because it's like that uh

[Lil' Keke]
Tighten up your defense, for the fourth quarter
Ain't no games being played, we done got smarter
Every inch every yard, cause it count from here
CMG on the move, baby have no fear
We gon take it to the max, cause it's still our year
And boys be talking down, got the wrong idea
We done stepped up my man, to the plate this time
Get a grip don't slip, 'fore you fall behind
I do it rhyme for rhyme, write it line for line
I remember on the corner, going dime for dime
Going rock for rock, going lick for lick
Fifty pack whole sales, trying to get to a brick
Now I'm in the rap world, and I'm ripping it hard
Got my family back together man, thanks to the Lord
They don't wanna talk to me though, still wanna do me though
Off the block to the streets, straight to the studio
Getting paid, trying to get rich
You know the game might change, but I just don't switch
And I just don't snitch, and that's a real true fact
Watch yourself lil' whodi, cause we bout to come back, what

[Hook - 3x]

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