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Throw Your Sets Up

Lil' Keke

What what, this for the hood y'all
Yeah what, this for the block y'all
What yeah, this for the set y'all check it

[Lil' Keke]
Ok this Southside, who do it better than me
Distribution radio, baby and even T.V
We got the hood locked up, got the watch rocked up
You know the game done changed, since the Don popped up
Everyday all day, can't see it no other way
From the Houston city streets, to the old AK
We been blessed mayn, cause we the best mayn
And I got loot bulletproofs, on my chest mayn
Where your block at, nigga represent for your set
We do it quick fast and fly, like a airline jet
We getting money baby, because we love to work
And I will stay gangstafied, when I'm put in the dirt

If you really representing, go and throw up your set
Cause my hood off the chain, every chance we get
We some thug niggaz, we ain't no scrub niggaz
It's just gangstas, cut throats, man I love niggaz
If you really representing, go and throw up your block
AK's and 45's, with them plastic glocks
We some thug niggaz, we ain't no scrub niggaz
Wave your hands in the air, if you love niggaz

[Lil' Keke]
It's war time, on the real and you ain't heard
Hit the cuts on fire, moving halfs and birds
Get my paper route, then pull my stacks out
I fuck with G's and thugs, that got that street clout
You gotta be certified, cause this is Southside
My shoes be 22's, when I'm outside
I gotta get mo' do', mo' dro, I gotta resco'
Gotta stash a ki, when the shit get too slow
Oh no, there go them boys set tripping
Oh no, there go that AR ripping
Tell your whole click, they better clean up they act
Cause when the clock going forward, ain't no turning it back


[Lil' Keke]
It's the black mack, pushing new Cadillac
Smoking a fat sack, riding with the roof back
Ok it's CMG, and we gon get it fa sho
We trying to touch 60 mill, like them boys in Blow
I gotta let em know, that I'm still a pro
Freestyle right now, they gon love the flow
It ain't no thang mayn, it ain't gon change mayn
If it's crack, rap or pimping, it's the same thang
It's bout that cheddar fool, this shit is old school
Dirty South representing, like I'm 'pose to
Cause Commission rich nigga, we some dangerous killas
And I wouldn't really give a fuck mayn, I love my niggaz


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