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Shake Somethin'

Lil' Keke

[Lil' Keke:]
I get dressed, a quarter to nine ready to shine
Whoever ain't ready, getting left behind
Cause tonight's the night, I get my ball on
22's on my truck, I get my crawl on
Yeah we step in the club, bout to break they neck
Cause we creased and pieced up, everything correct
I'm bout to wreck some'ing, get the place jumping
Niggaz throwing up they sets, got the whole hood pumping
What, everybody wanna riiide
From the East and West coast, to the Dirty Southside
Bitches in the spot, shaking ass galo'
I'm in the VIP, smoking nothing but do'
Gon light one, get the place lit up
Baby shaking that butt, she got a hell of a strut
She's a sex shooter, just looking for fame
Work that ass up and down, go on shake that thang what

[Hook: x2]
Go on, shake some'ing
And if you really feeling good, then go on break some'ing
You got the type of body, make me wanna take some'ing
So won't you hit the dance flo', and go make some'ing and let me make some'ing

[Lil' Keke:]
Raise up off the wall, go on test the flo'
Lil' mama she acting bad, she could sho' get low
I'm bout to put her on the spot, let her make that cash
Cause the tricks in the place, got money to flash
They say the Don in the house, and it's on from there
It's three o'clock in the morning, and we still don't care
Cause they love our wax, on cassette and disc
It's Commission Music Group, and that Avarice
We some hard hitters, from the West and the South
Got ice and plenty rocks, in the front of our mouth
Let's get this party hype, to the break of dawn
It's the Poetic 1, plus the Texas Don
We getting rich worldwide, ain't nothing wrong with that
From the Benz to the Lex, to the brand new Lac
Got your woman showing out, giving all she got
She got bounce in that thang, mayn that girl is hot uh

[Hook x2]

[Lil' Keke:]
The last verse is worse, just like the first
Stepping up in the club, better watch your purse
Cause the thugs and the G's, just love to rock
And the women back back, till it pop and drop
Get your heart right, cause everything is tight
When we leave the club, we can catch the flight
Cause it's on, hang up the phone and get gone
Po' up the Cristal, take two to the dome
We some outlaws, that the ladies respect
Ain't no haters out of line, cause they all in check
Quit bumping, start dumping
And all the ladies in the place, go on shake some'ing
Get your move on, the way you working that ass
You get your groove on, it's some pimps in the house so get your choose on
If you ain't ready for this
Then put your shoes on, and put your shoes on

[Hook x4]

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