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One Life To Live

Lil' Keke

Yeah, it's my life man that's right
I'ma do, a lil' some'ing like this here

I got one life, to try to live
And I'ma take care of that, with my wife and my kids
I got one life, to try to live
And I'ma stay on my knees, so the Lord can give
I got one life, to try to live
Got me thinking bout the days, when I couldn't pay my bills
I got one life, to try to live
I gotta get it while it's good, baby that's on the real

[Lil' Keke:]
This my life man, fuck the do's and dont's
Let me live how I please, let me do what I want
This my first time, trying to have me some'ing
I was told when I was young, I was good for nothing
I got a son now, my life is more than that
He's just three turning fo', but I love that cat
I gotta step it up, cause it's time to be a man
Got the whole wide world, sitting right in my hand
Gotta go for it, I gotta keep kicking

Gotta take it to the max, ain't no bullshitting
I gotta smoke some'ing, to keep my mind straight
Concentrate on my grind, so I can get that cake
I came so far, and the journey's still on
27 years old, and I'm finally grown
I get upset, but I be holding my head
Steady thinking bout my niggaz, locked up in the FED


[Lil' Keke:]
Sometimes I think and guess, then I follow through
Then I step up to the plate, and try to do what I do
Another life time, for me to see what I see
All I know is getting bread, taking care of my T
It's the year 2-3, live my life as a G
In the mirror see the man, that I'm suppose to be
I ain't mad at ya, cause I know what it take
Niggaz smiling in my face, but they keeping it fake
That's alright though, I'm trying to stay low
Get my cheddar make it better, cause I'm so cold
It's a nightmare, better wake up and scream
In the bed while you sleeping, looking straight for a dream
I ain't gon give it up, so I'ma stay tough
My mama didn't raise no punk, so I'ma stay rough
I make a sacrifice, for the kids and wife
Letting the whole world know, that it's just my life

[Hook x2]

Yeah [x4]
It's my life

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