Mr. D.j

Lil' Keke

(Lil' Keke)
It's all gravy, we don't stop cause baby we keep rocking
Cause baby we keep rocking
We don't stop cause baby we keep rocking
Cause baby we keep rocking

[Chorus: Z-Ro - 2x]
This is for the radio Mr. D.J.
Me and the heavy rotation all damn day
Mechanical boys is what the way to make a living
Looking for love so turn it up and keep it spinning

[Lil' Keke]
I'm the ghetto superstar from the city of H-Town
Rugged smile to this prepare to bow down
I thank the lord for giving a slice of the pie
Cause that's the M-O the N-E and don't ask Y
It might be different time zones connections and situations
But what would this world be without a heavy rotation
I turn it up, ain't this a bitch, Hot 96
97-9, I'ma shine count down on time
I'm in your city and state, and in your hood
In your face once again forever it's understood
State to station, and we wrecking the radio
We cooking the airwaves to Don and Z-Ro

Too many haters be offending me
I'm not gone let them get to me, Z-Ro forever meant to be
So cold I'm a igloo cool up as hot as a fire
And ain't gone never retire, stay active like a live wire
One of the Southside soldier from across the bricks to boulder
We gone get you if we owe you, again I already told you
Ready to roll the real, giving us something they gone feel baby
No rotation but minorities blame me daily maybe
I just might not stop because we keep on rocking
Might be drought season round here but see we keep on clocking
We done got our hands dirty now we resting them down
Radio friendly got the whole listening now

[Chorus - 2x]

[Lil' Keke]
Went gold in two weeks, I'm on a spinless spree
Cause it's R-E-S-P-E-C-T for Lil Ke
Now to garuntee, with the more satisfaction
Sipping, smoking relaxing a player stay maxing
What's happening, they want to hear it back to back
For the pimps in the back still dig us they push lacs
For the niggas riding benz, the thugs that flip trucks
Double deuces on them thangs popped up with new bump
This the episode, where CMG crawling down
Niggas clear the road, this whole thang gone explode
Now do it live, and all the lyrics I be spitting it be Texas pride
You know it's world wide, so won't you keep it crunk
And energy bring it back but you can put this in your trunk
The radio ain't play enough you know that's what they want
And give it up, on the game, and I just don't, and I just won't nigga

(Lil' Keke)
We don't stop cause baby we keep rocking
Cause baby we keep rocking
We don't stop cause baby we keep rocking
Cause baby we keep rocking


Turn it up and keep it spinning till you kissing baby
Personal time it turn to grind so I'm busy daily
Out of my mind trying to shine like the sun in the sky
It's just because I want attention when I'm sliding by
Medium heavy guess I'm ready to rotate like skittles
The album Z-Ro up in this game, punk I'm not a beginner
I'm a veteran, exceteran ain't stopping a head rush
When I'm letting my lead bust, you getting your head bust
Verbally rappers don't worry me I'm holding my own
Like a drug when I steal them leave them fuck high and stoned
That boy Z-Ro and Lil Ke, we be working the mouth piece
When I throw this focus from up north they down to south east
Mo City and Hershewood we hooked up to get paid
Flipping a target dropping the musical bomb rolling deflate
Is it the payola that they looking for
Trying to keep me in the kitchen rather see me selling dope

[Chorus - 2x]

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