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Luv By Few Hated By Many

Lil' Keke

Young Don, it's been a long time man
Loved by few that's right, get your money man
Hated by so many, Southside C.M.G., one time

[Lil' Keke]
Made a lot of wrong turns, cause the road was dark
When the money all gone, it's just pride and heart
Understanding is the key, but niggaz don't understand
At the end of the day, my brother you're still a man
Smile for me, my homie smile for me
People acting like I owe em, and that's why to me
I got love for my boys, my niggaz we all grown
I can't kick it like I use to, my family is sitting home
I speak with the truth, it's foremost and formal
Welcome to my world, where the stress is normal
My life in trying to grind, is difficult I ain't lying
I don't know where I would be, without the weed sometimes
Respect my mind, and I'll respect your game
Keep it real in the field, my nigga I'll do the same
The grease on the ground, they waiting for me to fall
Just call it what you want, cause I can't please 'em all

[Hook - 2x]
I came from the bottom to get it, this what I got
I'm sticking to the plan my man, like it or not
Enemies with greed and foes, I got plenty
I'm loved by few, but hated by so many

[Lil' Keke]
You don't like me for this, you don't like me for that
They don't like me cause I'm rich, they don't like me cause I'm black what
It's my life, I can't change everyday
I done traveled so far, and it's still a long way
Sometimes keeping it real, will get you left behind
Sometimes keeping it real, will have you signed for time
Use to think for the streets, then react with my gun
Was a young black man, now I'm trying to raise one
The good die fast, the devil he work slow
How you gon hate a man, that you barely even know
I look the other way, turn my head
Instead, they'd rather see me broke or even dead
I ain't scared, even though the game is deep
Niggaz steady doing dirt, like the Lord asleep
I'ma sit back be me, and try to do what I do
Cause it's one thang for sho mayn, I'm loved by few

[Hook - 2x]

[Lil' Keke]
My loyalty is true, I'm trying to pull us through
But trying to be a rap star, ain't nothing easy to do
What you getting out your life, man it's all on you
And today's hustle game, it's just so brand new
Inhale exhale, grab the pen and paint it
Find a nitch in the game, you hold and maintain it
Mama fainted, she cried when she heard the news
Baby boy signed a deal, guess he paid his dues
For the spectators, it was sooner or later
Skater, don't cost you nothing to be a hater
I came from the bottom, but the bottom too crowded
Map to the top, packed up and rerouted
Fam on the line, so my blood is expected
Mash right pass, till you boys respect it
A seven figga nigga, all the way from a penny
I was loved by few, I was hated by many

[Hook - 2x]

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