Icon C.m.g

Lil' Keke

Get your mind right, Icon C.M.G.
Icon is the future, C.M.G. my click represent

[Lil' Keke]
Icon C.M.G., now we carrying weight
Got the foundation set, with potential to dominate
Heart full of fire, and my game is nice
Got the mouth neck and wrist, all covered in ice
It's a new era, the beginning of truth
My family is Teflon, the skills are bulletproof
In the booth, it's all or nothing hundred and ten
From the mic to the streets, I hustle and play to win
C.M.G., let's get it together we bar none
Mr. Gates, Underboss and Lil' Keke the Don
Fuck these punks, we let these niggaz do they own thang
This is Icon, we the future of the rap game
Slow pain, like the lethal injection
Spread through your mind, like a real bad infection
Budgets capital, all of the above
The kid done went major, I'm a legalized thug hey

[Hook - 2x]
This is Icon, we was built from the dirt
Independent cash, organized network
Real niggaz, with no space for the wankstas
Off for C.M.G., cause we Custom Made Gangstas

[Lil' C]
Nigga I'm a icon, motherfuckers wanna be like me
I'm wearing blue they think I'm cripping, wanna C like me
But nigga you ain't like me, cause I'm certified
Ask your bitch, she'll tell ya she prefer to ride
When I touch the track, it's getting burglarized
I'm in the club smoking doja, till I'm sleepy-eyed
So how you like me now, I'm still in it
My homie Ke' told me, long as you in it you can win it
So that's the phrase for this year, gotta live by it
Cause this year it's all beef bitch, no doubt
They thought I fell off, they thought I stopped rapping
Just cause a nigga up the street from me, went platinum
But that'll never happen, we independent cash
Organized network, niggaz on the mash
It ain't no easy task, this ain't no easy grasp
Catch me a hundred in the traffic, barely squeezing past

[Hook - 2x]

We come from dirt and sand, just like man
Many tried to intervene, but it was all in the plan
So you can say what you wanna say, do what you wanna do
Pull out your stumbling blocks, my click still coming through
And running you off the set, just like O.G.'s
Making sho, the whole world know we
Can't a motherfucker, hold me
Cause Icon good money in the streets, like a whole ki'
So nigga show me, what you tal'n bout
Then I show you, when I blow you
Off the map, off the globe
Making you history, like a Martin Luther story be told
Papa we too cold, so watch the take over
Giving the game, a C.M.G. make over
Nigga the break's over, so lean back
Before the hammer lean back, and beam that

[Hook - 2x]

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