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Gotta Be A Way

Lil' Keke

Here we go, Southsive
Dirty South, Westcoast, check it what

[Hook - 2x]
Will the heat eat me up, man I just don't know
Will the streets beat me up, man I'm not fa sho
Will my shop close down, nigga probably so
But there's gotta be a way, that I can get that do'

[Lil' Keke]
I ain't never had nothing, 'less I got it myself
Being broke and hungry man, yeah it's bad for your health
I'm trying to stay out the heat, cause the sun is blazing
Gotta take it slow, I got a son I'm raising
Ain't nothing promised to you, better reach for the sky
That's the only limit man, time passing us by
Now it's do or die, ain't no bowling it down
Yeah it's been a long grind, but I'm holding it down
Ain't no turning it back, so I devour
All I know is greed, getting money and having power
In this lifetime, I seen it all my man
I'm trying to stash in the country, with some acres and land

[Hook - 2x]

[Lil' Keke]
It's been a tough day, so I'ma blow my wig back
And I ain't got time to bullshit man, I stay on a stack
Where your nuts at, you ain't shit without em
Trying to get up to the top, cause I come from the bottom
It's a sacrifice, that we all gotta make
Gotta get your grind on, come up pounds and cakes
I'ma get mine on, in the city or state
I ain't trying to fall short, I'm putting meat on the plate
I gotta feed shorty, and take care of my boo
Be there for T. Lady, cause she always true
But I'ma hold on, everybody stand tall
And just roll on, you know me and my people
We staying so strong, and it's like that
So if you hit me on the cell, I'll hit you right back
'Fore I let you go, I gotta let you know
Will the streets eat me up, man I don't know, what

[Hook - 2x]

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