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Evil That Men Do

Lil' Keke

Yeah, I don't owe you niggaz shit man
Y'all got a real nigga fucked up
I'ma let you niggaz have it, one time check it

When you live with the rats, you kill all the roaches
They wanna stop me, but they plan is hopeless
I ain't perfect I'm human, my nigga I sin too
But it's a motherfucking shame, the evil that men do

[Lil' Keke]
Let me talk to ya, let me tell you a story
Bout money bout fame, bout fortune bout glory
I've been there, when the times got worse
I don't owe you niggaz shit, let me say that first
Over the last past months, you know it's been a lot of bumping
Snitching talking, griping mumbling
I'm cool with that, don't be a fool with that
You gone make me have to go, and get a tool with that
I'm 5"9, a hundred seventy five try it
CMG in the building, don't make me start a riot
My nigga T-Baby, he told me a long time ago
Nigga go on get your cash, don't even worry bout it bro
My nigga Russ one love, cause we go so far
He told me never sweat the battle, cause we winning the war
My nigga Poof Pop, no games no pity
Told me Ke' I got your back, you the coldest in the city
My nigga M-Dawg, you know he quick to go off
He say Don I'm riding wit ya, till the wheels fall off
My nigga Hard-D, he got me chasing a dream
He say Ke' it's on you, you quarterbacking the team
My nigga Big H.A.W.K. big brah, you know where it's at
It's one hundred to the end, we gotta do it for Pat
My nigga Tip-Toy, say this the one right here
He say Ke' it's your place, and your time and year
My nigga J.B., he fell right up in line
Cause we 24 hour fit, and it's the click on I
Seven wet and 2-2, man you know what it do
Cause I love y'all niggaz, and y'all love me too
Lil' C-A.G., man you know how it go
It's CMG-S.U.C., plus Sean Solo
Herschelwood, and I'm the Lil' Keke
And I be steady representing, for the 7-1-3

[Hook - 2x]

The evil, that men do
It's a motherfucking shame, the evil that men do
The evil, that men do

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