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Don't You Know

Lil' Keke

Oh yeah playas it's definitely goin' down
Girbaud of the Manhattan I see you actin' bad
Jammin' that Lil' Keke "Don't Mess Wit Texas" CD
But right now I need you to take a...blown big break
And Lil' Keke 780'll do their latest out here 'n do his thang
This called "Don't You Know"
Go on ladies you need to get wet on this one

Don't you know, that I love you so
Don't you know, that I love you so, baby

Don't you know, I love you so
I wan' caress you slow, from head to toe
Deep inside I go, baby scream fo' mo'
We can play our way, at this game I'm a pro
Let you run the show, a queen you will be
Satin sheets, pat lace, Victoria's Secret
And I know your body need it gotta make your mind believe it
All above, all the love, on my purpose is defeated
You have cheated on your man to his spirits a g
When you know that he got flicks with a playa like me
I guess that Lil' Keke has the key to the do'
And I'm lettin' you ladies know that I love you so


Bubble bath in the spa, menage-a-trois
You a driver for a car, I'll make you a star
As I floss Jaguar, to wherever you are
Long distance in the distance on my cellular
And no way's too far for my private jet
I'm on a flight, hold tight, keep it nice and wet
Please don't get upset, the fun just begun
Wanna want a job done, will you make me a son?
Will you make me a daughter? Do I need to pump harder?
Turn the temperature up on the bed so we can heat 'em warmer
A heart of a villain, a thug-like nigga gets harder gets liver
More deeper to the river
You shiver you shake, ice cream and candy
I wonder how it feel when your water breaks
No mistakes allowed at the rodeo show
And I'm lettin' you ladies know that I love you so, uh


As I gaze in your eyes, it's not a surprise
That I'm the perfect size bumpin' between your thighs
Just time to realize, don't need a disguise
I'm a star on the rise, only out for the price
Dig deep into your soul, then get caught in the rapture
Yo' mind I'ma capture, night before morning after
First chapter Illuminati, beamas & benzes
7-day vacations, all-paid expenses
I'm a playa fo' life, thanks to this rap
I can floss, I can flap, with my salary cap
H-Town's on the map, and nothing is negative
I'm the owner of the firm, I make you an executive
Cause just then you will see that you do wanna be
With Lil' Keke in the land of free
Do you wanna, are you gonna? Let's sit in the sauna
And laugh our life away while we blow marijuana
It's goin' DOWN


Ahh...I see the little latest out there acting bad
on that one right there
Lil' Keke from that CD "Don't Mess...With Tex-as"
Featuring Phaz, make sure you look out for him real soon aight? heh
Aight fellas, you took your break. heh
Now here's something you can bang to, fool!

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