Don't Cry

Lil' Keke

What's up, this our new artist Quest
Check him out, sing the hook baby

[Hook: Quest - 2x]
Baby don't cry, I know you stressed out
Because I live the thug life
Ducking dodging cops, and selling drugs all night
I know it seems hard, but it'll be alright
Oooh, it's alright-i-ight

Steady paranoid eyes and gray skies, looking at the people in my life
Trying to read my mind, cause this world ain't treating me right
Barely sleeping at night, with so much stress and drama on my brain
Cause busting bitch ass niggaz, want me out of the game
Now ain't that a shame, can't be real with niggaz niggaz ain't real
Can't put my trust in none of em, cause these niggaz'll steal
And if I show 'em they stealing, they'd think a nigga tripping
But yet still they plot to catch a nigga slipping, pistol gripping
When my pockets itching, to stack money
Never thought my baby mama, would bitch and act funny
Walking round fat tummy, talking bout she pregnant for me
Then turn around, and say it's for a nigga named Deep
But I ain't tripping cause I got what I wanted, and let a head in some pussy
Always knew I was gone make it, so she's scared to overlook me
Therefor, I hope that nigga that you with walking by your side
But don't be looking all sad, bitch smile

[Hook - 2x]

I feel this world, is full of envy and greee-eeed
Suckas and bustas, all wanna witness me bleee-eding
I paid my dues to become rich, now these folks all up on my dick
They wanna hate cause we balling, on top of ours and they falling
I done spent too many pain, from struggling years
Behind and under, heavy rain blood sweat and my tears
All on my lonesome, I've been facing my fears
I see day to day problems, in the faces of my peers
No need to be greedy, cause I'm just trying to get what I'm worth
Before the people have us the hats, and wipe me off the face of the earth
And place me in dirt, brought up as a problem child
Going through so much drama, but I still smile

[Hook - 2x]

[Lil' Keke]
You know I'm thugging, not for a hobby it's just my life
It's gon be a hot minute, 'fore I find me a wife
I'm into short term relations, switching up situations
Always on the go, I hustle for occupation
Got them people watching, they trying to shatter my world
You's a major part of me, that's how I look at it girl
Get your mind right, it ain't no need for tears
I've been grinding getting this money, living dirty for years
When we lay chest to chest, you moan and say you love me
'Fore you fall asleep tonight, say another prayer for me
It's one honey, get the stress off your brain
I'm built to maintain, lil' mama just do your thang
I'm my own man, and I'ma do just what I can
Staying inside my character, sticking straight to the plan
As for me and you, I'm trying to keep it true
It's a struggle on the streets, but you're still my boo

[Hook - 2x]

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