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Do You Wanna Ride, Part 2

Lil' Keke

(Billy Cook)
Do, you wanna ride oooh
With that Don Keke, and Billy Cook

[Hook: Billy Cook - 2x]
Dooooooooo yooooooooou
Waaaaaana riiiiiiide, do you wanna ride

[Billy Cook]
Do you wanna ride, you can come and ride
Won't you come and ride, so we can go and ride

[Lil' Keke]
You know it's first things first, and it can't get worse
From the shoes to the dress, to the matching purse
I ain't gon lie girl, you know I had a long day
Time is here to side, baby hit the highway
Let's do it my way, relax and get high
Turn a couple of corners, let the time pass by
The two-way gone, no need for cell phone
When the sun go down, I'm turning the fogs on
It's me and you, it's been a long time coming
The Benz like a horse, out the gate it be running
So buck wild, you peeping my whole style
But you got me going crazy, the minute I see you smile
You're gorgeous attractive, can't leave you alone
That's why I pull up on chrome, banging down L. Jones
So let's slide and ride, hit a mall or two
What you want how you want it, girl it's all on you
You my proud possession, baby you just don't know
Let the top down, so your hair can glow
Cause I'm fiending I miss you, so tell me the deal
I'm a independent playa, getting money for real come on

[Hook - 2x]

[Lil' Keke]
You my boo, and I'm the great Don Ke
Put your problems away, it's time to ride with me
Let's take a trip to Malibu, to let your hair back
We can shop Dynal, get jazzy and all that
You my sugar brown, and it was love at first sight
Tonight is your night, let's catch the first flight
Since day one, I had plans for you
And understand if I can, I'm the man for you
You know I want you on my side, every chance I get
I gotta get it how I live, cause my money legit
It's essential, your body is banging you got potential
It's all on me, so fa sho it's presidential
Relax your mind, and let your soul be free
2-1-4, back to 7-1-3
Get your mind right, and you can have it your way
I'd rather be your N-I, double G to the A
Bring your best baby, everywhere that we go
Cause you the total package sugar, talking head to toe
I'm the past you missed, I'm the present you need
I'm the future bout to happen baby, yes indeed
You my dawn and my sweet thang, I talk like that
With the gifts and the compliments, I'm just that cat
I'ma mash on the gas, cause you know I'm a G
Lay my cards on the table, baby ride with me come on

[Hook - 2x]

[Billy Cook]
Do you wanna ride, you can come and ride
Won't you come and ride, so we can go and ride

(Billy Cook)
Do you wanna ride
Do you, do you do you wanna ride
Do you, do you wanna ride
Heeey-heeeey-hey, 7-1-3 ha-ha
7-1-3, 7-1-3 Keke

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