Lil' Keke

Platinum In Da Ghetto

Go-go-go-go-go-go, she's a cowgirl
Get it-get it-get it-get it-get it-get it, she's a cowgirl
Shake it-shake it-shake it-shake it-shake it-shake it, she's a cowgirl
Bounce it-bounce it-bounce it-bounce it-bounce it-bounce it, cowgirl

[Lil' Keke:]
She be 34-28-36
Damn she's so thick, in that Fendi outfit
When she hit the flo', the way she bouncing and strutting
I'm screaming let it go, she got that body it's working
I'm talking head to toe, and she ain't nothing but fun
Watch yourself oh Lord, there she go here she come
I want a brick house, and ain't no playing with that
A quarter horse she's a stallion, that ass is fat
She's a big fine woman, titties just jumping
Step in the club and, baby girl be stunting
Legs thighs hips, nigga she the one
Ms. Thang off the hook, for real I add her some uh

[Hook: Cl'Che]
Don't stop body rock, and let it drop
Why not, (she's a cowgirl)
Let it go to the flo', you know

Fa sho, (she's a cowgirl)
(go-go), get it-get it
(go-go), get it-get it
(It's like a pony, when she rocking my world
She's so thick and she's so fine fa sho, cowgirl)

She is a cowgirl, a g-string drawas girl
See how much I can fit, off into her jaws girl
A everyday, shopping at the mall girl
Not too short, but then not too tall girl
I'ma strap up, and give it to you all girl
Pushing yo back, all into the wall girl
I ball girl, until I'm bout to fall girl
And you ain't even ready, to handle this log girl
I mean, it's like a heavy piece of wood in your weed gripper
You can call me Moby Dick, and I'ma be Flipper
Talk shit, make this motherfucking heat get ya
If you think, I got some petty ass beef wit ya
Fake pimp ass busters, them try to handcuff
Baby bring that money to me, but make sure you answer
Your telephone, tell them broke niggaz they better gone
Leave you alone, pimp tight MJG make em


[Lil' Keke:]
When she walked through the do', she got attention fa sho
Just a natural born pro, keep you begging for mo'
Whoa, if you's a rookie you don't stand a chance
Got's to be a real playa, wanna get in them pants
She's a heart taker, dance flo' breaker
Back to back like Shaq, and the Lakers
Watch her show out, when she hit the spot
Got her touching on herself, cause the X is hot
She's a (cowgirl), and she calling the shots
Like I turn around and look, when she working the twat
Got a lovely face, and a sexy waist
A earring on her navel, I'ma catch me a case
Get your move on, I see you working that thang
Get your groove on, you see some playas you want
Then get your choose on, cause you know it go down
She gon represent tonight, for real for H-Town


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